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Timing Instructional

Post  granstar on Wed May 20, 2009 11:10 am

Just received and going through an excellent book that will help drummers with control of time and ultimately develop feel, by learning to recognise where the notes fall by counting.
It's called "It's all about Time" and written by Fred Dinkins. Comes with a CD. I got mine from www.Musicbooksplus after a long wait for them to get it in stock.

Another similar book which is also excellent and i recommend, takes you there at a slower pace. It is great for reading skills for any musician is by Gary Hess Its titled "Encyclopedia of Reading Rhythms". Has pages to record progression through the book. I find these two books easy to use and don't require sitting at a kit, good time fillers for smoko breaks Laughing

pirat review says "Product Description
A comprehensive guide to: notes, rests, counting, subdividing, time signatures, triplets, ties, dotted notes and rests, cut time, compound time, swing, shuffle, rhythm studies, counting systems, road maps and more!"Provides a Britannica-like benefit to players whose reading skills are underdeveloped or in need of a good polishing." - Rich Watson, Modern Drummer magazine
Try MB+., Amazon, E Bay.

Both writters are tutors from the famed U.S Musicians Institute P.I.T section with some extensive credits/ biographies to their names.

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