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Casa Especial

Post  Mark [Admin] on Mon Aug 03, 2009 7:04 am

Brought a box yesterday – looks like a mexican beer but brewed in Papakura by independent liquor. As you can probably tell I like beer... a lot. I'm happy to drink mexican beer if it's on special but I prefer Dos Equis and Tecate to the more common Sol and Corona. I think they introduced this brand to compete with the Lion Nathan distributed Corona. So how does it taste...? It is very similar to corona but it is very sweet – and I mean VERY sweet (my wife liked it) which can only be combated by adding the suggested lemon or lime wedge which somehow tames it down – I think the slogan on the side is a bit naff "mi casa su casa" my house is your house – they never talked like that when I lived in papakura – all designed to give the sense of buying a south american brew which is it fact south auckland brew – yyyeaah bro!. If you want a full flavored beer , i'd steer clear of this but if you want some light beer to down while bbqing it ain't so bad.
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