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*Posting Pics*

Post  Mark [Admin] on Sun Aug 30, 2009 11:20 pm

When using this forum, posting pictures is done through 3rd party image hosting sites such as tinypic, imageshack and supload. The easiest by far is tinypic.com.
To post your pictures go to


then where it says 'file' hit the 'browse' button and locate the file you want to upload (usually on desktop etc)
then click 'open' the file path is then specified.

Next, click the large 'upload now' button your file will then upload (time varies depending on size)

Once uploaded a 'share this image' menu is loaded choose the second one down (IMG Code for Forums & Message Boards)
click in the box containing the code to select the code text right mouse click the selected code and choose 'copy'

Switch back to nzdrumforum website and right click into your topic choose paste

you're good to go!
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