Vintage 22" Avedis Zildjian ride cymbal - SOLD

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Vintage 22" Avedis Zildjian ride cymbal - SOLD

Post  echo on Mon Sep 06, 2010 10:55 am

I just found this forum and I thought i'd let you guys know, i've got this cymbal on trademe. Closes in a couple of days. Got a few watchers, reserves $200.

Think it's from the 60's (maybe). Reasonable condition for age.

Reason i'm putting on here isn't so much to help get a sale as in the hope it goes to someone who might really get the best out of it. Never having played on many really old or thin cymbals it actually startled me when i first hit it with it's crazy shimmering style. The edges keep wobbling for about five minutes after you stop playing and you just kinda sit there staring at it. Never quite worked out the best way to use the sound. Maybe its "a jazz thing".

Anyhow take a look. I'll probably regret selling it.


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