[SOLD] AXIS Longboard Double Pedals (X-L2)

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[SOLD] AXIS Longboard Double Pedals (X-L2)

Post  Robb Himself on Mon Jun 04, 2012 11:47 pm

Bought myself these beauties a couple of years ago but have had no use for them for a while now, so I'm looking to hand them over to somebody who can actually use them to their advantage (I currently use my DW 5000s).
These pedals include the actual hardware itself, new springs (already fitted), AXIS beaters, a set of allen keys and I'll even throw in a drum key.
These pedals are pretty much in pristine condition and have only been used about 3-4 times in its lifetime. Photographs can be provided upon request (will include a copy of the local paper for proof of date).
Retail price for these pedals around the country is still $1,199, the same I paid a couple years back so these pedals are definitely reliable.
My price for these pedals is $500-$600 (over half price!) but feel free to contact me through email and we can always sort us out a good deal.
Would preffer a local buyer but delivery from Auckland can always be sorted if need be.
These pedals MUST GO QUICK so get in before they're given away!

For further details please contact me though my hotmail email address: srvmccambridge (forums wont let me post my full email address yet so just add the usual @hotmail to the end of my hotmail/username and it should come through just fine).

Edit: You can also contact me through 02102944369

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