anyone know of bit & pieces near warkworth?

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anyone know of bit & pieces near warkworth?

Post  jboy on Mon Sep 01, 2008 10:19 am

[b]Hey peoples I'm new to this forum and in dyer need of another kit, unfortunately my partner has the chequebook so what I can afford is limited but I have managed to scrape a few parts together, snare,hh stand, and throne so at the mo its just a bit of violent femmes and some jazzy stuff on the brushes, but man those lpg bottles are pretty handy when you havent any cymbals.I had a stage custom years ago and loved it dearly but women can be so evil and alas I had to part with it, so this is my cry for help to let that drummer out again and get the band back together.any help would be much appreciated cheers;)


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