Saving the lugs

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Saving the lugs

Post  granstar on Sun Sep 07, 2008 12:21 am

A sufferer of tinnitus from years of shotguns, motorcycles, playing in pipe bands and drumming at gigs with no hearing protection, i always try pass on a message to yougsters, wear them muffs no matter how dumb they look. Best plugs i have used for live drumming are sonic 2's which have a small high decibel percussion cut out valve but enable normal conversation, available from sport shops. For practise i use Grade 5 earmuffs, and at for the humdrum of the day job Variophones. All other times i just turn off, ask my family Laughing
These are expensive, but hearing loss is something one should take time to consider for ther later years when you still have that infectious interest in music and still want to enjoy listening. Price of a few gigs.

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